You have this habit of surprising your partner during sex. That’s because you love variety, and sex has always been great because of it.

But, one day you seem to run out of ideas and you’re in a bit of a rut – why not start with an incall with Exclusive Girlfriends?

In fact, you have done it only a few times – judging by the 10 fingers you have, it may be somewhere between 4 and 10.

I know, right? That’s ok, maybe you can think of some effective ways to have successful oral sex.

Read on to refresh your mind, and to explore more on oral sex ideas.

Is Oral Sex Important?

Yes, it is!

Human beings are hardwired to respond to sex, either in subtle or aggressive ways.

like so

Some of us though, tend to behave in-between.

Some like it rough, though. And that is perfectly fine, as long as it is enjoyable.

But then again, sex has always been enjoyable. We just need to come up with ways to make it new-like, so sex does not get boring.

So, what is it with oral sex?

In women, the clitoris is the most sensitive part. When highly aroused, that tiny mound just above the vaginal opening gets hard, signaling its readiness. It is indicative that a woman is ready and willing to have sex.

Licking Her Clit Is Basic Oral Sex, But Highly Effective

This is pretty common for many women who want to orgasm on your mouth.

Start by touching her clit with your finger. Once you feel her getting wet, that is a pretty good sign that she is getting aroused, and wanting more.

Kiss her slowly on the lips, going down to her breasts, all the way down there. Just do it nice and slow, and you will hear her beg for more.

With men, they are quite sensitive to their cocks.

The moment it gets hard, it’s either they want it touched, squeezed, or sucked. And, a good majority of the male populace want oral sex by their partner.

If you are planning to surprise your boyfriend with explosive oral sex, it is highly suggested that you do it!

Men are easily aroused. They are visual creatures.

Once your boyfriend sees you in sexy clothing, he will be thinking of undressing you right that minute.

The thought alone can make him feel so turned on that his cock gets hard the more he thinks about you. And he feels a throbbing sensation that he cannot ignore.

You sense this and already know what to do with his wanting to have sex with you.

So,you kiss him hard, and your hand is making its own little adventure on his sexy body, going down to his hard cock. He moans, and you continue.

Then, you start unbuttoning his fly and started kissing the tip. You taste something from it, and you are delighted.

Then you lick the shaft, upward and downward, eventually sucking him. And he came real hard in your mouth.

Oral sex may be pretty simple, but it makes for great sex.