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Orgasm and Satisfaction: Amazing Tips To An Explosive Sex

You are in a brand-new relationship, and things are brighter. You feel really loved and adored, and so does your partner.

You have sex. He finished off quick, but that’s just ok. Because it happens!

But, you noticed that it keeps on HAPPENING. Oh, and that sex with your partner is… well, feels rushed? Virgin much? What the HELL, really?

And since then you are having this series of WTF moments to yourself.

So, you suffer from not being able to orgasm. You feel irritable afterwards.

He does not even have the gall to ask whether or not you are even enjoying it.

So yes,what the hell.

Imagine a relationship where sex is done in only less than 10 minutes, and you didn’t even cum. Something must be clearly wrong with this.

But, you do love each other and for the most part, things are going smoothly, and you are happy, despite of not cumming.

That, and you are more than willing to try ways that can help you orgasm.

This article will shed light into some ways to achieve orgasm and satisfaction in sex.

3 Simple Ways To Achieve Orgasm and Satisfaction

Orgasm is an ever-elusive achievement, and only those who know sex well are able to experience it.

That does not mean you are ignorant of sex; it is just that there are amazing ways to improve your game and be satisfied. And this you need to know, and learn.

Next, we share 3 simple ways to enjoy an amazing sex with your partner.

1)   Be Receptive To Your Partner

Ok, so you have had sex before, and you remember how amazing it was. Long story short, you are in another relationship, you love sex so much, but for some reason you never get satisfaction from it.

It helps to understand that you cannot improve sex alone.

A talk with your partner can open doors to improvement. In fact, they may appreciate how you actually want sex to be so much better.

Keep up with them, initiate if you must. No rush, really. Your previous hot moments in a past relationship should serve as an inspiration to the present, which includes sex. Focus on their needs and wants in bed, and see how it gets better in time.

     2) Take Charge!

Not all men like to be dominated by their woman in bed, but they appreciate it a lot when sex gets really intense.

For the most part, the best sex moves can elicit arousal from the initiator, and in this case, is YOU.

Yep, that is correct! You take charge, even if you cum before he does.

That is the main goal,  is it not? To be able to orgasm AND be satisfied with it?

    3) Make Time For More Foreplay

Sometimes we forget that foreplay helps build and establish trust in intimacy.

With sex being the end result, bear in mind that you can take your time in making things a bit hotter with every kiss and touch.

Fend off those unwanted thoughts when you don’t experience orgasm.

Not only does a bit of creativity and variety in sex helps improve sex, it also strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Sex Toys and Couples For A Highly Pleasurable Sex

It is no surprise when a couple uses sex toys to enjoy sex. After all, such toys are made solely for that: sex.

While they need not be always present during sex, it is no doubt that sex toys provide so much excitement which makes them in high demand. The girls at Exclusive Girlfriends are always willing to bring toy play into your time together.

No wonder they have become a part of a highly charged sex life of so many intimate partnerships.

This guide will let you know why sex toys and couples go well.

Why Some Couples Opt To Use Sex Toys?

That is an interesting question.

Why would your girlfriend or boyfriend, for that matter, want to include a lifeless stuff in an otherwise hot relationship?

Here’s one simple thing in intimate relationships: a smart partner who know exactly what pleasure means is all about achieving success in sex, which is actually a good thing.

And by being smart means you practice safe sex, and of course, are smart enough to make sex a pleasurable one whenever possible. So you convey whatever sexual idea you have to your partner, and they to you.

Don’t forget that the main theme here is sex, so basically it makes the mind and body feel great.

Variety matters! The kinkier, the better (may be).

Excitement aside, owning a sex toy can’t be such a bad thing after all.

Let’s say your partner left town for work or business matters. So you’re all by yourself at home, and you miss him terribly.

Masturbation is a great choice to seek self-pleasure in this time of great need and urgency.

And voila! You take out your self-pleasure kit: lube, vibrator, dildo.

And so you proceeded to relieve that moment of loneliness with your toys.

You’re not alone in this kind of situation, actually.

Keep in mind that many couples do keep their own set of sex toys in their roomfor the very reason why you use them.

Next up: why sex toys can revive a struggling relationship.

Sex Toys Can Help Rekindle The Lost Spark in Intimacy

That’s quite true. Many couples go through a relationship that is on its way to doom.

The reasons may differ, but that’s clear. Something needs to be done. The earlier the partner takes action, the higher chance their relationship restore its glory.

One of the many reasons why a relationship falls apart is that sex has waned.

Other factors point to financial concerns, job loss, some type of illness (mental or otherwise) that can seriously affect one’s sex drive, third party, and perhaps falling out of love, too.

It happens, but it should not affect sex. In fact, you can do something about it.

And, you’re right! Sex toys can be a real savior in a time where sex gradually loses its way in your relationship.

Try to be more creative in bed. Surprise your partner, use a toy together.

Do not give up on being kinky just yet!

Remember: good things come to those who wait… for your partner to cum with the help of your latest sex toy.

Oral Sex Ideas: Show Your Partner How Naughty You Can Be

You have this habit of surprising your partner during sex. That’s because you love variety, and sex has always been great because of it.

But, one day you seem to run out of ideas and you’re in a bit of a rut – why not start with an incall with Exclusive Girlfriends?

In fact, you have done it only a few times – judging by the 10 fingers you have, it may be somewhere between 4 and 10.

I know, right? That’s ok, maybe you can think of some effective ways to have successful oral sex.

Read on to refresh your mind, and to explore more on oral sex ideas.

Is Oral Sex Important?

Yes, it is!

Human beings are hardwired to respond to sex, either in subtle or aggressive ways.

like so

Some of us though, tend to behave in-between.

Some like it rough, though. And that is perfectly fine, as long as it is enjoyable.

But then again, sex has always been enjoyable. We just need to come up with ways to make it new-like, so sex does not get boring.

So, what is it with oral sex?

In women, the clitoris is the most sensitive part. When highly aroused, that tiny mound just above the vaginal opening gets hard, signaling its readiness. It is indicative that a woman is ready and willing to have sex.

Licking Her Clit Is Basic Oral Sex, But Highly Effective

This is pretty common for many women who want to orgasm on your mouth.

Start by touching her clit with your finger. Once you feel her getting wet, that is a pretty good sign that she is getting aroused, and wanting more.

Kiss her slowly on the lips, going down to her breasts, all the way down there. Just do it nice and slow, and you will hear her beg for more.

With men, they are quite sensitive to their cocks.

The moment it gets hard, it’s either they want it touched, squeezed, or sucked. And, a good majority of the male populace want oral sex by their partner.

If you are planning to surprise your boyfriend with explosive oral sex, it is highly suggested that you do it!

Men are easily aroused. They are visual creatures.

Once your boyfriend sees you in sexy clothing, he will be thinking of undressing you right that minute.

The thought alone can make him feel so turned on that his cock gets hard the more he thinks about you. And he feels a throbbing sensation that he cannot ignore.

You sense this and already know what to do with his wanting to have sex with you.

So,you kiss him hard, and your hand is making its own little adventure on his sexy body, going down to his hard cock. He moans, and you continue.

Then, you start unbuttoning his fly and started kissing the tip. You taste something from it, and you are delighted.

Then you lick the shaft, upward and downward, eventually sucking him. And he came real hard in your mouth.

Oral sex may be pretty simple, but it makes for great sex.

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